FlipPilot is no longer in Beta

You will now find FlipPilot at app.flippilot.com!

If you were one of our beta users we ask that you do the following:

  • In order to ensure that CallRail continues to work properly please go into CallRail settings, find the webhooks integration, and update the url's so they say app instead of beta.
  • Please do the same thing for any FlipPilot webhooks you are sending forms to
  • Update your bookmarks so they point to app.FlipPilot.com

If you have any questions or need any questions please email us support@flippilot.com or call us at (210) 999-5521.

NOTE: the old beta.flippilot.com CallRail and webhook urls will still work, but we highly encourage you to change them out soon.

Go to app.flippilot.com